Sevananda hires TinRoof to revitalize their brand, reverses 2-year decline in sales.

Sevananda has the unique distinction of being Atlanta’s original natural foods grocer. Founded in the seventies, the co-op’s brand was in need of revitalization. They were showing all the signs of a deteriorating brand, nearly 2 years of declining sales and stagnant membership growth.
TinRoof came in, spent a lot of time with the staff, learned about the business in depth, and did extensive research. We refocused the brand around what organic shoppers want and what Sevananda delivers best, food integrity. We utilized a hyper-local communications plan and an aggressive in-store membership campaign.
Our efforts immediately reversed the two-year trend of declining sales and customer traffic. Three months into the campaign and sales were up 5.9%, and customer counts were up 8%. In the end we had an increase of more than 25% in the number of co-op members, making it the most successful effort in memory.