TenCate Grass looks To TinRoof to expand their vision of sustainability in North America.

TenCate focuses on the growing demand for protection of people and their working and living environments. Their unique technology heritage enables the company to maintain a leading position in the provision of sustainable solutions. And, as a result, the TenCate Grass Division has been able to produce world-leading synthetic turf yarns that have yielded higher performing fields, more durable fields and safer fields.
TinRoof was brought in to communicate to corporate America that TenCate is the leader in sustainable solutions for the sport and recreation industry. We also wanted to create awareness around the fact that there are many benefits to installing TenCate synthetic turf: environmental benefits: no water, no pesticides, no mowers and recycled rubber infill, performance benefits: TenCate turf is the most durable on earth and it retains evenness and natural ball roll, and safety benefits: a synthetic turf field made from TenCate fiber is safer than natural grass (more heat resistant and more forgiving).
TinRoof created an impactful campaign outlining the significant environmental benefits, but also the fulfilling, long-lasting benefit of leaving a legacy.
For over 6 years TinRoof has handled all of the creative work for TenCate Grass N.A.