“This powerful campaign reawakened our sense of ourselves, our historic humanitarianism, and our mission – and brought us valuable public attention we wouldn’t otherwise have had.”
-Kathy Bremer, SVP for External Relations
OBJECTIVE: Everyone has heard of CARE packages and the hope they brought to war-torn Europe more than 50 years ago. Few know that CARE remains a leader in disaster relief and in the fight against global poverty 50+ years later. The challenge: bring home to potential contributors the importance of CARE’s mission today.
ACTION: Utilize the powerful stories of those who have been helped in a breakthrough TV and print campaign that bears witness to CARE’s historic achievements and to its ongoing mission. Promote the airing of the PSA campaign via nationwide media trips to local stations in a majority of the top TV markets.
RESOLUTION: Secured $4 million in unpaid national and primetime media within three months. Exceeded national fund-raising goals by 23%. Public perception of CARE quickly reflected a new understanding of the organization’s contemporary global role as well as its history. One of the commercials was recognized by the AICP as best PSA of the year and inducted into the permanent archive of MoMA.