“I was hesitant to spend the money to hire a consultant to rebrand our organization. With our limited resources, we have to be careful with every dime and I thought resources were better spent elsewhere. Well, I was simply proven wrong. The money spent with TinRoof was a bargain considering what we got in return. Our organization is stronger and we more effectively communicate who we are and what we are about than ever in our 15-year history. It was worth every dime.”
Justine Thompson, Executive Director,
OBJECTIVE: The Georgia Center for Law in the Public Interest needed to freshly communicate their mission to uphold the state’s environmental laws, energize and involve supporters, and increase donations to the cause.
ACTION: TinRoof positioned the organization for sustained results. The Georgia Center for Law in the Public Interest was rebranded GreenLaw, with a refocused brand strategy and brand promise, corporate identity, and advertising campaign created by TinRoof.
RESOLUTION: Within the first 9 months after the rebranding contributions to the organization had gone up 50+%. Active engagement with the brand continues to grow.