“TinRoof did a fantastic job fostering a productive discussion among members of our project team to determine our weaknesses and how to allow our strengths to shine. These discussions, as well as supplemental guidance provided by TinRoof, has allowed our group to identify potential routes to securing sustainability.”
Jenny Houlroyd, Youth Center Project Director,
Georgia Tech Research Institute
OBJECTIVE: To attain sustainability for the Center for Young Worker Safety and Health by October 1 of 2014. And to understand and create a plan for capacity-building.
ACTION: TinRoof conducted a day-long brand discovery process where the entire team participated in defining our best value proposition. We combined our learning’s with qualitative research and gleaned the insights that informed a new strategic plan. Then we used those insights to inform our communication materials and the tactical steps needed to achieve our plan. We delivered a strategic plan, year-long action steps in the form of a color-coded Gantt Chart as well as a sales enablement tool.
RESOLUTION: Our efforts helped the Center for Young Worker Safety better present their value proposition to potential supporters. They saw who they could be more clearly than before. Several paths to sustainability were explored and the most viable one was put into play. Five months after the initiative launched the Center has gained promising traction and looks to be on target for attaining their goal.